The District of Lillooet is NOT currently under an Evacuation Alert or Order. Visit our Wildfire page for important information and links.
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Know the Regulations

The District of Lillooet, in 2018, made changes to it’s Fire Department Establishment and Fire Prevention Bylaw No. 461.
These changes were made to align our bylaw with Provincial and Federal Fireworks Regulations.
Fireworks are exciting and can add to your Halloween event, but every year people are injured and property is damaged due to mishandling of fireworks.  Before planning your fireworks event, make sure you know the regulations and how to safely handle them.
Here are some quick facts you must know,
If your a business wishing to sell fireworks:
  • You are required to apply for a Fireworks Sales Permit before the sale of any product.
  • Within the District of Lillooet the sale of Fireworks can only happen between Oct. 24th and Nov. 1st
As a consumer:
  • You must obtain a Fireworks Discharge Notice Permit before setting off fireworks within the District of Lillooet.  These Permits are obtained at the business where you purchased the fireworks from, (if purchased within the District of Lillooet) or at the District of Lillooet office.
  • The permit is only valid for October 31st of a calendar year, setting off fireworks at any other time is an offence.
  • You must be at least 19 years of age to handle fireworks.
  • Firework must be discharged on private property with the owner’s consent, or at a public event with written permission from the Lillooet Fire Department.
For more information contact:
Darren Oike, Fire Chief at (250) 256-1694 or email