The District of Lillooet is NOT currently under an Evacuation Alert or Order. Visit our Wildfire page for important information and links.
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If you’re planning to head off to college or university or you’re just moving out of the parent’s home for the first time,fire safety should be part of your priority. Check out these websites to learn more about the fire safety concerns and how to prevent them.

Links & resources:
Know Fire is a fire safety awareness program for post secondary students. Are YOU and your LOVED ONES safe from fire?

Safe On Campus

Students, this website will educate you about the fire risks you face and learn how to escape a burning dwelling. Don’t become a victim of campus-related fire, read the tip sheets and share this information with your friends. You could save a life, possibly your own.

Campus Fire Safety

The mission of the Center for Campus Fire Safety is to serve as an advocate for the promotion of campus fire safety. To learn more please visit this website.