The District of Lillooet is NOT currently under an Evacuation Alert or Order. Visit our Wildfire page for important information and links.
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If you plan to burn during the burning season please download and fill out the following form:

BURNING PERMIT submission Instructions:

Download and Save the attached PDF to your computer. When your wanting to submit for a burning permit follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open the PDF form fill in the top portion in full.

Step 2. Select a Date of Burning by using the drop-down calendar on both fields.
(Note: the regulations state that you are only allowed to burning for 3 consecutive days and then you are required to stop burning for 15 days). If you submit a burning permit and are unable to burn on those 3 days due to unfavourable conditions or other circumstances, there is no issue with you resubmitting another burning permit within the 15 days.

Step 3. Select the right Burning Permit Category for your fire. Just select one. The category needs to fit your property line setbacks, so please don’t think that you can check off a bigger size and it is okay to have a bigger fire. This is for your safety and others. If the fire is too big, you could be served with a municipal ticket.

Step 4. On the second page please read carefully the Notes and Initial on the form where it says to do so. By Initialing and submitting the form you are stating that you fully understand the conditions of burning permit and except full responsibility.

Step 5. Select the Date of application and Type in your name.

Step 6. Click the “Submit Form” button at the bottom of the form.
If you are running email software (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) this should open up a new email window with the form you filled out as an attachment and the email address should automatically fill in on the “To:” box of the email.

In the “Subject” box: of the email please type the following: “BURNING PERMIT” followed by the date and then your civic address. (Example: BURNING PERMIT 2020-02-28 – 999 Anywhere Street)

If you are a Google Mail (Gmail) or Hotmail user you may be required to save the filled-out PDF form to your computer and then open up your Gmail or Hotmail accounts, create an email and then attach the PDF to that email. Please use the same email address and Subject box: information as mentioned above.

Step 7. Make sure you print off a copy of the filled in Burning Permit and have it available at all times, in the event you are asked to produce it, should we have to come visit you.

Please ensure you complete all applicable sections and submit the form either but clicking on the ‘SUBMIT’ button at the bottom of the form or by emailing the completed form to